Pharmacy Research

The Jefferson College of Pharmacy is dedicated to collaborative research initiatives that focus on disease etiology, development of novel therapies, drug outcomes and their economic impact, and enhanced patient care. As part of our strategic plan, we are building our expertise and infrastructure to foster research collaboration with industry and government partners, and with the world-renowned researchers at Jefferson.

The expertise of our faculty, many of whom serve on editorial boards for scientific journals, is reflected in the diversity of their research.  

Research is part of our mission and an exciting opportunity to integrate the diversity of our focus with the university in order to address today’s most pressing health issues.

Rebecca S. Finley, PharmD
Founding Dean, Jefferson College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Researcher Profiles

Sunday Shoyele, PhD

Dr. Shoyele's research could lead to a better way to deliver anticancer therapies to specific cellular targets. Targeted delivery of RNAi and protein therapeutics to specific sites using smart nanoparticle delivery systems.

Meet Sunday A. Shoyele, PhD

"I am interested in the optimization of the therapeutic application of oligonucleotides (siRNAs and antisense) and other biologics by making sure that these payloads are safely and efficiently delivered to targeted sites in the body while limiting associated toxicities."