Faculty & Staff


Our faculty and administration/staff work seamlessly to provide you with an educational experience of the highest quality.

Office of the Dean

Rebecca S. Finley, PharmD, MS
Dean, Jefferson College of Pharmacy

Contact Dr. Finley | 215-503-9082

Mary M. Hess, PharmD, FASHP, FCCM

Contact Dr. Hess | 215-503-6448


Elena M. Umland, PharmD

Contact Dr. Umland | 215-503-9087

Stephen Doll
Executive Assistant, Dean

Contact Mr. Doll | 215-503-9084


Pamela A.MacPherson, MEd
Director, Assessment & Communication

Contact Ms. MacPherson | 215-503-5233

Kristin Lord
Administrative Assistant

Contact Ms. Lord | 215-503-9000

Anne Reiley
Administrative Assistant, Chair
Pharmacy Practice

Contact Ms. Reiley | 215-503-8808

Anyta Thomas
Administrative Assistant, Chair
Experiential Education

Contact Ms. Thomas | 215-503-6416