Opportunities for Student Research

Jefferson College of Pharmacy (JCP) students who are interested in learning more about research or further developing their research skills have a variety of opportunities across their four-year period of study in the PharmD program. These opportunities range from taking elective courses in research design, data analysis, drug development and other related topics to engaging in research projects with JCP, Thomas Jefferson University faculty members or even preceptors at their clinical sites.

JCP PharmD students can complete up to four of the required eight elective credits in approved independent study elective courses. Examples of these research electives may include designing new drug molecules or studying the stability of a novel dosage form in one of our pharmaceutical sciences laboratories, working on a pharmacoeconomic or outcomes study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness or therapeutic effects of a new drug or even studying the educational benefits of a new technology used in our classrooms.

In addition to the elective credits, many students also volunteer to work on research projects to gain more experience. As a result of these research projects, each year JCP students are able to present research findings at national scientific and professional meetings and co-author articles in professional journals.