Body MRI



  • Protocol development and interpretation of Body MRI (~10000 cases per year)
  • Principles of MRI physics
  • Interpret advanced MRI techniques
    • MR Enterography
    • MR Prostate
    • MR Elastography
    • MR Rectal cancer staging
  • Studies performed on 12 1.5-Tesla, 2 3-Tesla, and 1 PET/MRI scanner

Lectures & Conferences

  • Daily morning lectures for the first wo months of the year
    • Lecture schedule
  • Multidisciplinary conferences
    • Uveal Melanoma conference
    • Hepatocellular Carcinoma conference
    • Gastrointestinal Multidisciplinary conference
    • CVIR-MR Correlation conference
    • Abdominal Radiology Pathology conference: City-wide multi-institutional conference held quarterly

Summer Lecture Series

Attending lectures given to fellows during first two months of fellowship.

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MSK MR Protocols Core Injuries: Ultrasound and MRI Ultrasound Elastography Body MRI Emergencies Vascular Protocols
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