Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship

The Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University is one of the most rewarding and sought after in the country. We have one of the highest musculoskeletal MRI volumes with more than 100 joint MRIs scanned per day, including many sports-related injuries. We are the only MSK division in the country providing imaging interpretation for four professional sports teams including the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and Sixers, as well as the Philadelphia Ballet and various college and high school athletics programs. Our division also performs all MR imaging and ultrasound-guided exams at an institute in South Philadelphia specialized in core muscle ("sports hernia") and hip injuries. It is one of the elite sports-related surgery centers in the country, treating professional football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer players from all over the United States. Our fellows are directly involved in the care of athletes on a daily basis and participate in weekly sports medicine conferences. The MSK staff travels to Indianapolis every year for the NFL combine to interpret imaging and evaluate Philadelphia Eagles prospects. MSK ultrasound is provided every year at the Phillies spring training and we have a research collaboration with the US Olympic team.

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NOTE: Our MSK Radiology Fellowship Program participates in the NRMP Match Program.

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Our division has one of the busiest and renowned MSK ultrasound sections in the country, which performs over 30 diagnostic MSK US studies per day, many of which are accompanied by US-guided procedures, including steroid injections, tenotomies, PRP injections, calcific tendinosis barbotage, flexor retinaculum release for carpal tunnel, trigger finger release, etc. Fellows participate in MSK US clinic and perform several US-guided procedures every week.

Aside from the sports medicine training, our fellows are exposed to a high orthopedic oncology tumor volume with an average of about 15 CT-guided tumor biopsy procedures per week, including spine and bone marrow biopsies. Additionally, several musculoskeletal soft tissue lesions are biopsied under ultrasound each week. A weekly musculoskeletal radiology-orthopedic oncology interdisciplinary conference is held in the reading room each week to review tumor cases, guide management, and plan biopsy approaches for upcoming patients.

In addition to tumor biopsies, we have a robust MSK interventional procedure service. Several vertebroplasties, radiofrequency ablations (mainly osteoid osteomas), and advanced joint arthrograms per month round out the extensive procedure experience of our fellows.

The MSK staff are strongly involved in and take leadership positions at the major musculoskeletal imaging societies. Visit the MSK Division for general information including the staff. Our division is actively involved numerous research activities; review recent publications.

Our fellows work hard, but we take great pride in making sure they have received the most complete and cutting-edge MSK training available. Apply Now.

Visiting MSK MRI Fellowship

Radiologists, Orthopedists, and Sports Medicine practitioners interested in spending time in our section to experience our MRI readouts, use our digital learning resources, and observe musculoskeletal procedures are welcome to apply for our Visiting MSK MRI Fellowship. If interested, please contact Lauri Friedenberg via email or call 215-955-2716.

Visiting MSK US Fellowship

A visiting MSK US fellowship is also available. Visiting fellows have the opportunity to participate in the daily activities of our MSK ultrasound clinic by attending reading sessions and observing procedures. Fellows are granted access to our academic resources including a library of recorded classroom courses covering most aspects of MSK ultrasound.