Neuroradiology Fellowship


Name: Kiran Talekar, MD
  • Assistant Professor of Radiology
  • Program Director, Neuroradiology Fellowship Program
  • Director, Clinical fMRI for pre-Surgical Brain Mapping for Brain Tumors
  • Division of Neuroradiology and ENT Radiology


Name: Scott Faro, M.D., FASFNR
  • Professor of Radiology
  • Director, Neuroradiology and ENT Radiology


Name: Adam Flanders, MD
  • William E. Conrady, MD Professor in Radiology
  • Vice Chair for Informatics
  • Division of Neuroradiology and ENT Radiology

Welcome to Thomas Jefferson University. Over the last 10 years our neuroradiology program at Jefferson has been building at the same pace as Jefferson Healthcare which now controls 14 hospitals, including state of the art specialty hospitals (Jefferson Hospital for Neurosciences, Wills Eye hospital and the Kimmel Cancer center). Jefferson Healthcare is now the largest healthcare provider in the Philadelphia region.

Application & Deadline Information

NOTE: The Neuroradiology fellowship programs participates in the NRMP Match Program which uses ERAS. Additonal information found on ASNR.

For post-match or off-cycle positions:

Learn more about the program and how to apply or call the program coordinator, Isabella Corcoran at 215-955-6028.

Our Fellowship Program

Neuroradiology Alumni Fellow Testimonials

The neuroradiology division supports a large referral base with very complex neurosurgical and neurological disorders in both adults and children. Our division has physicians and MR neuroscientists that are internationally renowned experts in the fields of functional brain mapping with BOLD fMRI and advanced DTI of the brain and the spine. Our section supports cutting edge neurosurgery for brain tumors and Epilepsy and Neurological diseases. Our neuroradiology fellows have a unique experience of not only training in one of the busiest centers in the country but also are actively involved in all of the state of the art clinical functional neuroradiology studies e.g. BOLD fMRI, DTI, MRS, and MR and CT perfusion. Our fellows participate in cutting edge non-vascular interventional program that in addition to lumbar punctures and myelography includes vertebral augmentation, tumor ablation, complex spinal and para spinal biopsies and CSF leak diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, we are a level one trauma center and a comprehensive stroke center.

From a research prospective our division are leaders in fMRI and DTI of the brain and spine and a fast building program in AI and machine learning. Our division, in addition to 12 stellar neuroradiologists, has five PhD Neuro MR Research scientists dedicated to advanced neuroscience imaging. There are many research opportunities for our fellows. Of note our division runs an internationally acclaimed full day hands on workshop on BOLD and resting state fMRI at the annual ASFNR educational and scientific meeting and Drs. Faro and Mohamed (director of our neuro MR laboratory) are the senior editors of the text book, “Functional neuroradiology: Principles and Clinical applications. This text will soon be in its second edition and is considered by the AJNR to be the gold standard text in this field.

Our program is very well balanced and will give a fellow an up to date training to enter academic neuroradiology or private practice as our fellows have in the past. We pride ourselves on mentorship, teaching, research innovation and patientcare. Our goal is to train the next generation of clinicians and leaders in neuroradiology.

Learn more about the program and how to apply or call the program coordinator, Isabella Corcoran at 215-955-6028.