Breast Imaging Fellowship

The Breast Imaging Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University is a one-year program that provides comprehensive experience in interpretation of screening and diagnostic full-field digital and digital breast tomosynthesis mammography, contrast enhanced mammography, hand held and automated breast ultrasound, and breast MRI, as well as performance of image-guided percutaneous interventional breast procedures and pre-surgical localization (wire and wire-free) using all modalities. The fellow is an integral member of the breast imaging team participating in clinical workflow, education of residents and medical students, process improvement initiatives, and interdepartmental conferences. Numerous research opportunities are available involving various imaging techniques including contrast mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and cryoablation, and initiatives aimed at mitigating healthcare disparities and improving inclusion of underserved patient populations. Past fellows have moved on to successful careers in both academics and private practice.

The Jefferson Honickman Breast Imaging Center occupies two floors within a multidisciplinary breast center in downtown Philadelphia. As a center of excellence in mammography and multimodality breast imaging for more than 25 years, Jefferson Breast Imaging has played a vital role in the breast health in our community for decades. Approximately 54,000 breast imaging related procedures are performed each year at our Center City location, and over 157,000 across the enterprise throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. State-of-the-art equipment at Jefferson Honickman Breast Imaging Center includes six full field digital/digital breast tomosynthesis mammographic units of which two have the capability of contrast enhanced mammography, two upright stereotactic biopsy units utilizing digital breast tomosynthesis and contrast enhanced mammography guidance, four dedicated hand-held ultrasound units, automated breast ultrasound (ABUS), and two 1.5 Telsa MRI units. 

Application Deadline Information

Note: Our Breast Imaging Fellowship Program participates in the NRMP Match. We adhere to the deadlines indicated on the Society of Breast Imaging website, with program-specific details below:

AUGUST 1: Online portal opens for application submission
NOVEMBER 7: Interview period may begin
JANUARY-MARCH: Interviews conducted; virtual for the upcoming season in compliance with the guidance set forth by the Society of Breast Imaging and Society of Chairs of Academic Radiology Departments
APRIL: NRMP ranking opens
MAY: NRMP ranking closes
JUNE: Match results posted
JULY 1 (subsequent year): Fellowship training begins