General Surgery Residency


  • Center City Campus
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Degree Earned

  • Residency

Program Length

6 - 7 years

Program Type

  • On Campus

Call to Actions

Resident Research Day

Each Spring the research year residents present their work. In 2020, this group of seven general surgery residents produced more than 240 publications, presentations, and abstracts. 

Resident Research Day - June 8, 2023

Moderated by Hien Dang, PhD

2022/23 Research Resident Year Productivity

48 Abstracts Submitted
41 Presentations
37 Publications in Progress
27 Publications Submitted
25 Papers Published
5 Awards
Tina Bharani, MD "Procedure Matters in Gender-Associated Outcomes following Bariatric Surgery: 5-year North American Matched Cohort Analysis"
Micaela Collins, MD, MPH "Is Wedge a Dirty Word? Demographic and Facility-Level Variables Associated with High Quality Wedge Resection"
Sunjay Kumar, MD "How Does Integrating Surgeons into the Anatomy Curriculum Impact Medical Students’ Perception of the Field of Surgery?"
Kirsten Lung, MD "Disparities in Treatment Trends and Outcomes in Females Diagnosed with NonMetastatic Inflammatory Breast Cancer "
Devon Pace, MD, MPH "Perfect Storm? COVID-19, Area Deprivation, and Their Association with Pediatric Trauma"
William Preston, MD "A Contemporary Analysis of Hemorrhage After Pancreaticoduodenectomy: From the GDA and Beyond"
Darshak Thosani, MD "Impact and Durability of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion on Lung Cancer Treatment"
Lindsay Weil, MD "CAR-T Cells as a Potential Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer"