About Us

Human interactions with social, natural, and physical environments are the focus of the College of Humanities & Sciences, where we take an interdisciplinary approach to learning at the intersections of the liberal arts with the social and behavioral sciences to form a truly innovative curriculum.

Our students explore their passions, develop communication skills, and learn ethical professional practices. They tackle real-world issues through collaborative and experiential study. With attentive advising, community engagement, and participation in faculty research, our students are prepared to succeed in the professional realm in a wide range of careers, or to continue their academic studies in graduate and professional programs. Whatever career path they choose, our graduates are valued for their integrative thinking, collaborative worth ethic and global perspective.

Undergraduate Program Directors

John Pierce Jr, PhD
Communication & Media Studies Kevin Thompson, PhD
Interdisciplinary Studies Guangzhi Huang, PhD
Law & Society Evan Laine, MA, JD
Professional & Strategic Writing Kathryn Gindlesparger, PhD
John Pierce Jr, PhD