Message from Susan M. Parks, MD - Division Director


Name: Susan M. Parks, MD
  • Director, Division of Geriatric Medicine
  • Professor
Position: Department of Family & Community Medicine

Jefferson’s Division of Geriatric Medicine is dedicated to providing state of the art clinical care for and education about older patients.  We also provide support and education for families and care teams.  The Division is committed to the concept of healthy aging and helping older patients achieve the best possible health and quality of life.  The clinical care of the Division is provided by our team of providers across the Jefferson Enterprise including: outpatient care, in-patient care at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Jefferson Hospital for Neurosciences, in the long-term care setting and in the home/community setting.  Of equal importance is our Division’s dedication to providing outstanding education to learners of all levels including medical students, residents and fellows.  Our Division is home to a nationally recognized Geriatric Fellowship.  We are also committed to clinical research to continuously improve healthcare for older adults.

If you have interest in or questions about our Division of Geriatric Medicine, contact me at


Susan M. Parks, MD
Director, Division of Geriatric Medicine