Medical School Teaching Opportunities

Clinical Skills Small Group

Facilitators create a safe and collaborative environment for students to develop history taking and communications skills. Through discussions, self-reflection, feedback, and problem solving, Clinical Skills Small Groups are composed of two faculty members and 10 students which meets throughout Phase 1 of the JeffMD curriculum.  

Case-based Learning

Case-based learning facilitators guide students through clinical case scenarios in a collaborative small group setting. In addition to knowledge acquisition, students develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork, communication and lifelong learning.  

Scholarly Inquiry

Scholarly Inquiry is a longitudinal curricular component focused on teaching students the skills and experience that they need to become critical consumers and producers of medical knowledge. The Scholarly Inquiry tracks include clinical and translational research, design, digital health, health policy and systems, humanities, medical education, and population health research. Many of our faculty serve as directors, advisors, or mentors for students as part of the Scholarly Inquiry experience.