Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Master's Programs

Program Curriculum

Year One

Fall Semester

Course Title Credits
Intro to Genetic Counseling 1
Human Genetics 3
Embryology 3
Clinical Cardiovascular Genetics 1
Medical Genetics I 2
Clinical Applications I 2
Lab/Clinical Observer Rotation 1

Spring 1 Semester

Course Title Credits
Pathobiology of Cancer 2
Clinical Cancer Genetics 2
Medical Genetics II 2
Psychosocial Issues in Genetic Counseling 4
Clinical Applications II 1
Clinical Rotation 1 day/wk - Prenatal 1

Spring 2 Semester

Course Title Credits
Gene Environment Interactions in Birth Defects & Disease 3
Metabolic Genetics I 2
Applied Statistics for the Biomedical Sciences 2
Research Design & Methods for Genetic Counselors 2
Clinical Applications III 1
Clinical Rotation 2 days/wk - Cancer 2

Summer Semester

Course Title Credits
Genetic Counseling: Theory & Practice I 2
Practical Issues in Genetic Counseling 1
Thesis I 2
Clinical Rotation 3 days/wk - Peds 3

Year Two

Fall Semester

Course Titlle Credits
Thesis II 2
Genetic Counselor Workshop & Seminar I 2
Genetic Counseling: Theory & Practice II 2
Metabolic Genetics II 2
Genetic Basis of Neurologic & Psychiatric Disease 1
Clinical Rotation 3 days/wk 3

Spring 1 Semester

Course Title Credits
Thesis III 2
Genetic Counseling Workshop & Seminar II 2
Clinical Rotation 3 days/wk 3

Spring 2 Semester - Supplementary Only*

Course Credits
Thesis TBD
Clinical Rotation TBD
Curriculum Review Modules TBD

Coursework is completed by the Spring 1 session.

Spring 2 is available if the student needs additional time for thesis completion,  an additional clinical rotation, etc.

Students will work closely with their program directors to determine if they need to utilize this supplementary semester.