Biomedical research and training at Jefferson is anchored by a large and diverse portfolio of active research programs with extensive outside grant support. That foundation, combined with  Jefferson’s clinical research and patient-care programs, provides opportunities for basic and translational research in a challenging, exciting and satisfying graduate training environment.

Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

Learn about our scientific focuses: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Chemical and Structural Biology and Molecular Biology and Gene Regulation.

Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine

Our faculty have varied research interests, both basic and translation/clinical.

Genetics, Genomics & Cancer Biology 

Typical areas of research include: functional genomics and epigenetics, analysis of the human genome, genetics of cancer susceptibility and more.

Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis

Typical areas of research include: antigen processing/presentation, cellular immunity, antiviral vaccines and more.

Integrative Physiology

The PhD Program focuses on cardiovascular physiology and employs a multidisciplinary approach to train students in the rigors of experimental biomedical sciences and to prepare them for independent research careers.


Our faculty direct multi-disciplinary research programs that span several different areas.