Education & Training

This course examines diversity and inclusion in the biomedical sciences. Given the ever-changing workplace and workforce, especially in the increasingly complex context of teamwork-based and internationally collaborative scientific research, cultural competence/sensitivity is essential when working with culturally diverse individuals. Emphasis will be placed on three dimensions of cultural competence: (1) awareness of one’s own cultures, biases, and values; (2) knowledge of diverse cultures (e.g., race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class); and (3) building an inclusive workplace/workforce. Involvement and learning in this course may be facilitated by means of: lecture, group and/or online discussion (i.e., Blackboard), multimedia presentations, demonstration, role-playing, feedback, self-directed reading, and experiential exercises.

Meet the Course Director

Dr. Don Trahan, Jr., is a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), National Certified Counselor (NCC), Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), Associate Professor at the University of Southern California, and an international consultant. His research agenda adheres to eliminating historical systematic and strategic barriers that disenfranchise marginalized communities. As a research-driven scholar-practitioner, he uses industry best practices (e.g., multicultural counseling, trauma-informed practices in education, social restorative justice) to advocate for and educate families in urban and rural communities. Moreover, he has a demonstrated history of evaluating assessments for cultural sensitivity with children in K-12 settings, with an emphasis on the application of such tools with individuals from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

His scholarly work has led to the publication of several peer-reviewed articles, nationwide conference presentations, and international speaking engagements. Additionally, he has developed partnerships with organizations such as the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, the United States Department of Justice, and the United States Department of Education. He is recognized as a top global leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Trahan is a devoted advocate of social justice and educational equity, and he dedicates a significant amount of time to mentoring and community-based activities. He is an active member of the American Counseling Association, the American Psychological Association, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. Trahan holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, an M.A. in Educational Leadership and a PhD in Counselor Education from the University of New Mexico, and a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from the University of Maryland Global Campus.