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Master's Programs
Scholarly Activity

Our students are required to complete a thesis as a culmination of their studies in the College of  Life Sciences. The thesis can be either a traditional laboratory-based project or a Capstone project. The substantial research project that is submitted shows the development of the student’s scientific approach to problem solving and critical thinking.

MS Program Thesis Schedules & Abstracts

Name Program Date/Time Advisor
MSMI Tues, Nov 13- 9:00 AM, JAH-M61 Ji-Fang Zhang, PhD
Jamie Caudill MSMI Tues, Nov 13- 9:30 AM, JAH-M61 Adam Snook, PhD
Scot Fenn  MSMI Tues, Nov 13- 10:00 AM, JAH-M61 Tim Manser, PhD
Joseph Plummer MSMI Tues, Nov 13- 10:30 AM, JAH-M61 James McGettigan, PhD 
MSMI Tues, Nov 13- 11:00 AM, JAH-M61  
Vazquez Garcia
MSPR Weds, Nov 14- 1:00 PM, JAH-M61 Walter Kraft, MD
Emily Zhang MSBM Weds, Nov 14- 1:30 PM, JAH-M61 Robert Sterling, PhD
Justin Scarborough MSBS Weds, Nov 14- 2:00 PM, JAH-M61 Barry Rovner, MD
Eric Buchhalter MSBS Weds, Nov 14- 2:30 PM, JAH-M61 Alok Bhushan, Phd
Lauren Wilson MSBS Weds, Nov 14- 3:00 PM, JAH-M61 Jennifer Wilson, MS, ELS
Joshua Koenig MSBS Weds, Nov 14- 3:30 PM, JAH-M61 Adam Snook, PhD
MSBS Weds, Nov 14- 4:30 PM, JAH-M61 Douglas Hopper, PhD