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The PhD Program in Integrative Physiology employs a multidisciplinary approach to train students in the rigors of experimental biomedical sciences and to prepare them for careers across a broad array of academic, industry, and government careers.  The main theme of the program is in Cardiovascular Physiology, and many of the faculty are drawn from the Cardeza Foundation – Division of Hematology, and the Center for Translational Medicine, of the Department of Medicine at Sidney Kimmel Medical College.  However, the program includes faculty from across many academic departments, divisions and research centers across Jefferson, whose research interests encompass a broad spectrum of basic and translational topics and model systems including cellular and molecular physiology, and normal and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular, pulmonary and gastrointestinal systems.  

Applicants with an interest in neurophysiology should refer to our PhD program in Neuroscience.

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