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Jefferson Postdoctoral Association Executive Board Alumni

Meet Our Alumni

The Executive Board (EB) of the Jefferson Postdoctoral Association (JPA) is comprised of postdocs from all around the world that contribute multicultural diversity to scientific thought processes and outcomes.

For information about our JPA EB alumni and their current professional roles please click on their photos.

Dr. Shivsharan Kharatmal

Shivsharan Kharatmal, PhD - Senior VP 2017-2018

Elena Irollo

Elena Irollo, PharmD, PhD - VP Social Affairs 2017-2018

Valentina Minieri

Valentina Minieri, PhD - VP Communication 2017-2018

Megha Verma

Megha Verma, PhD - VP Career Development; Secretary 2016-2018

Yuhang Zhou

Yuhang Zhou, PhD - VP Nomination & Elections 2016-2017

Biswarup Ghosh

Biswarup Ghosh, PhD - President; VP Career Development 2015-2017

Pardeep Kumar

Pardeep Kumar, PhD President; Senior VP 2015-2017

Maryna Perepelyuk

Maryna Perepelyuk, PhD - Secretary 2015-2016

Vilas Desai

Vilas Desai, PhD - President; VP Career Development; VP Nomination & Elections 2015-2017

Natalie Chernets

Natalie Chernets, PhD - Treasurer; VP Career Development 2013-2015

Elisabeth Mari

Elisabeth Mari, PhD - President; Senior VP; VP Communication; VP Nomination & Election 2012-2015

Jeffrey Adijanto

Jeffrey Adijanto, PhD - VP Career Development 2012-2014

Asha Srinivasan

Asha Srinivasan, PhD - Senior VP; Secretary; VP Communications; VP Nomination & Elections 2011-2014

Chris Willis

Chris Willis, PhD - VP Career Development 2011-2013

Biswanath Patra

Biswanath Patra, PhD - Secretary 2011-2015

Dominique Comer

Dominique Comer, PharmD - VP Social Affairs; Secretary 2011-2014

Mateusz Koptyra

Mateusz Koptyra, PhD - VP Nomination & Elections 2011-2012

Anna Gumpert

Anna Gumpert, PhD - VP Communications 2010-2012

Fred Kaplan

Fred Kaplan, PhD - President; VP Nomination & Elections 2010-2012

Dalip Sethi

Dalip Sethi, PhD - Secretary, VP Social Affairs 2010-2012

Zoe Fonseca-Kelly

Zoe Fonseca-Kelly, PhD President; Secretary 2009-2015

Pragati Katiya

Pragati Katiyar, PhD President; VP Career Development; VP Nomination & Elections 2009-2012

Zheng Huang Devine

Zheng Huang Devine, PhD - Secretary 2009-2011

Anastasios Lymperopoulos

Anastasios Lymperopoulos, PhD - VP, Nomination & Election 2008-2009

Heather Montie

Heather Montie, PhD - President; VP Social Affairs 2007-2009

Jia-ling Huang

Jia-ling Huang, MD, PhD - Secretary 2007-2008

Anne Grace

Anne Grace, PhD - President; VP Social Affairs 2006-2008