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Mentors in Motion Sessions– Questions and Answers

1. Q: Do I need to attend all the weekly sessions in the program?

A: No, you can attend as many (or as few) sessions as you would like, but each session requires a separate ticket. Free tickets can be obtained at 

2. Q: How do I prepare for the sessions?

A: No preparation is required to attend the sessions. For comfort, please bring walking shoes and water.

3. Q: Why is the attendance limited to 20 trainees?

A: We limit the attendance to make sure we have enough mentors so that every participant can benefit from the event. In addition, walking in small groups makes it possible to enjoy a great conversation.

4. Q: Why do we need to get a ticket each time?

A: In order to make sure that we recruit enough mentors for each session, we ask the participants to get their free ticket. In addition, if there aren’t enough mentees to sign up for the event, we reserve the right to cancel a session.

5. Q: What type of relationships are we expected to have with the mentors? Are they long term relationships or one time sessions and that's it?

A: While we only ask the mentors to commit to the limited time of the session as part of the Mentors and Motion Program, trainees could choose to follow up with the mentor(s) that they meet to thank them for their time and potentially engage in an Informational Interview conversation at a later time

6. Q: If I’m not looking for an additional mentor at the moment, why should I attend the event?

A: The Mentors in Motion Program provides a unique opportunity to enhance your professional network in a less formal atmosphere. Having a strong professional network is crucial to your success in obtaining a job both in Academia and the Private Sector. Building relationships with potential mentors helps you to be successful in your future job search. In addition, walking is known to reduce stress, increase energy and motivation, and improve health and well-being.

7. Q: I’m not looking for a job yet. Should I still attend these sessions?

1.       A:  YES! The key to a successful job search is having a strong professional network. Building your network takes time and effort and the best results are achieved when you invest small amounts of time over a long time period. It is never too early to start building relationships with future mentors. For more information about networking see How to Build Your Network. In addition, walking is known to reduce stress, increase energy and motivation, and improve health and well-being.

8. Q: Why do mentors choose to attend these sessions?

A: While we can’t speak for all the mentors, knowing that your advice is valued and can help someone starting on their career path is satisfying. In addition, as a Principal Investigator, it’s a great way to meet future lab members or collaborators and for Alumni, it’s interesting to learn about the newest research at Jefferson. 

9. Q: What kind of advice can I expect to get from the mentors?

A: While every situation is unique and each mentor brings a different perspective, skills, and experience, our participants have discussed grant writing, research interests, mentoring relationships and general career advice with the mentors. Additionally, some mentors may be willing to review/edit a manuscript/grant, discuss specific career paths and help you set career goals. Mentoring comes in different shapes and flavors. Postdoctoral fellows can mentor graduate students, and peer mentoring is another great way to get advice and connect with your community.  For more information click here.

10. Q: Is this program qualified for the employee wellness program (LiveWell@Jeff program)?

A: Yes, Mentors in Motion program qualifies for the LiveWell credit for postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff. To receive credit for your activity, visit and select “Track” on the left hand side menu. A maximum of 30 points per program year can be earned by participating in Mentors in Motion Program.