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Officers 2018-19

Vilas Desai Vice-President for Nominations and Elections

Rodolfo Thome

Rodolfo Thome is from Sao Paolo-Brazil, where he earned his Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology with a major in Immunology from University of Campinas (UNICAMP). He joined Dr. Rostami’s lab as a post-doc fellow at Jefferson Hospital of Neuroscience early 2016. His research interests are (1) the study of the development and function of dendritic cells and (2) the development of cell/cytokine-based therapies in Multiple Sclerosis using the Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis model of MS.

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Megha Verma, Secretary

Aastha Kapoor
Vice President Career Development

Aastha is a postdoctoral fellow at Jefferson. She earned her Ph.D. from Bioscience & Bioengineering Department, IIT Bombay. During her Ph.D.  she studied the effect of cellular contractility in aiding cancer cell invasion in drug-resistant cancer cells. Currently, she is working on understanding the antiangiogenic role of endorepellin (a proteoglycan-domain) and developing it into a therapeutic entity. When Aastha is not working in the lab she likes to watch movies, travel and explore new destinations, and bike along the Schuylkill River. 

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Valentina Minieri

Ankit Rochani
Vice-President of Communications

Dr. Rochani is a registered Pharmacist from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. He received Ph.D. in Bio Nano Science Fusion from Toyo University, Japan. After working as a postdoctoral fellow at Toyo University, he recently joined Dr. Gagan Kaushal’s laboratory in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Thomas Jefferson University (TJU). He has published many papers in the field of mass spectrometry and nano drug deliveries in the field of infectious and non-infectious diseases. At TJU he is working on developing LC-MS based methods for understanding the pharmacokinetics and dynamics of various novel nanoformulations for developing personalized nano anticancer therapy. He is also working towards developing targeted and non-targeted metabolomics solutions for having a better understanding of cancer development and progression. In JPA he is mainly responsible for developing web content and communicating various scientific and nonscientific events organized by JPA on social media platforms.

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Rodolfo Thome, Vice-President for Social Affairs

Daniel Rubinstein
Vice-President Nominations and Elections

Dani is primarily interested in math and cognitive science, which he studied first in college at Cornell University. He then returned home to Maryland to earn his PhD in Neuroscience from the NIH/Brown University Graduate Partnership Program, researching in Dr. Karen Berman’s lab the relationship between dopamine and brain oscillations in schizophrenia. Most recently in 2018, he joined Dr. Shennan Weiss’s Computational Epilepsy Lab as a postdoctoral fellow here at Jefferson, where he investigates neurophysiological biomarkers of human memory formation, specifically focusing on high frequency gamma oscillations.

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Fabio Quaglia

Giacomo Casella 
Senior Vice-President 

I am from Rome, Italy and I earned my Bachelors degree in Medical Biotechnology and Masters in Neuroscience in my home country. This year I acquired my PhD in molecular medicine at Ospedale San Raffaele in Milan. My PhD project involved characterizing and using engineered extracellular vesicles as possible therapeutic tools in neuro-inflammation. In October I joined Dr. Abdolmohamad Rostami's lab as a Postdoctoral fellow at Thomas Jefferson Hospital of Neuroscience. My scientific interest involves testing different therapeutic compounds in the mouse model of Multiple Sclerosis, Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis.

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Kalyan Golla, Treasurer

Shiv Ram Krishn

Shiv Ram Krishn is from India. He completed his masters in Medical Biochemistry from India, followed by doctoral-training in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University Of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska. He joined Thomas Jefferson University in 2017 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Cancer Biology, working under Dr. Lucia R. Languino. His research focuses on impact of Integrin’s in the prostate tumor microenvironment.

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Larissa Ishikawa

Larissa Ishikawa
Vice-President Social Affairs

Larissa Ishikawa is from Brazil where she earned her Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences from Sao Paulo State University (UNESP). Her Masters and PhD in Infectious and Parasitic Illnesses from Botucatu Medical School and Postdoctoral training at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology from the Institute of Biosciences of Botucatu (UNESP).  Recently, Larissa has joined Dr. Rostami's lab as a Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson Hospital of Neuroscience. Larissa has been working in the Immunology field focusing on immunomodulation in experimental models for autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.

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Giamoco Casella

Fabio Quaglia

I earned my MS degree in biochemistry from the University of Camerino in Italy. During my PhD in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Camerino I studied the termination step of protein synthesis in prokaryote cells. Currently, I am a post doc at Thomas Jefferson University in the Department of Biochemistry, were I am trying to find new antibiotics and establish their mechanism of action.

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