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Meet our Alumni Aliyah McLaurin, a Law and Society major with a minor in Psychology major from Freeport, NY...

Saint Thomas Alumni

Meet our Alumni Kelsey Kaplowitz, a Biopsychology major from Bridgewater, NJ...


Internal waves are the undersea equivalent of surface waves you see at the beach. They have a vital role in transferring heat, energy, and momentum in the ocean. The turbulence they create when they break helps move nutrient-laden water to the coastlines while moving carbon dioxide down to the depths. So how do these internal waves, unnoticed on land, create a healthy oceanic ecosystem and what have we learned about the role they play in improving the atmosphere around us?

Ben Nardi, Zaheeda Zakir, Michael Rodriguez and Shawn Johnson

Despite pandemic-related challenges, 97% of Jefferson undergraduates from the Class of 2021 are employed, enrolled in a graduate program or completing military service, according to the First Destination Report.


Meriel Tulante approached Tracy DePedro, Jefferson’s director of career services. Tulante had an idea about asking students to develop a professional narrative that could help introduce them to potential employers, using devices such as résumés and anecdotes to highlight skills and qualifications.