Dean Marino's 2020 Nursing Graduate Message


Name: Jefferson College of Nursing
Department: Office of Admissions
Telephone: 215-951-2800

Dear Graduate of the Class of 2020

There could not be a better time to enter the profession of nursing.  Our current challenges have shown us the impact nurses have on patients and families every day.  As you prepare to graduate, whether as a new registered nurse or a nurse who will practice and lead at the advanced level, please accept our sincerest best wishes and congratulations.  Although the culmination of your academic experience is not ending with the typical fanfare bestowed on new graduates, it does not diminish the pride we have in our Class of 2020.  Now, more than ever before, employers and systems that serve individuals, patients, families and populations are awaiting your arrival with even greater anticipation.  And, more importantly, we expect great things from you.  You will take the bold steps to lead in uncertain times and advocate as a nurse when complex problems need solutions.  You have been prepared with the real-world skills required to meet these challenges head on.

We are at a time when new models of health care are being introduced and the roles for all nurses are expanding.  You will soon bring the assets and talents of the college to bear on the transformation of health care.  This will be a daunting task but I want you to know you are ready.  We have prepared you well.  You will be standing on the legacy of those that came before you and a rich history of more than 125 years of Jefferson College of Nursing graduates.  We are confident that you will use your knowledge and skills to push the notion of community engagement to even greater heights, dive into even deeper trenches, gain expanded entre to the most difficult to reach communities, and expand our impact so that Jefferson Nursing's influence can be felt by all who need it. Remember, we recognize our responsibility as a College of Nursing in this city and in every city where our students and graduates live, study, and work.  Your journey to reimagine, transform and disrupt the ways nurses lead and impact society is just beginning.  This is our vision for you and we know you will succeed.

Go full of hope to your new beginning and make it count.  You and your patients will be better for it.  Remember you always have a home at the Jefferson College of Nursing.

My sincerest congratulations!

Marie Ann Marino, EdD, RN, FAAN

Dean and Professor
Jefferson College of Nursing