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Name: Jefferson College of Nursing
Department: Office of Admissions
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Marie Ann Marino, EdD, RN, FAAN

There is a revolution taking place at Jefferson and we are redefining what is humanly possible. The Jefferson College of Nursing is reaching new heights in the areas of academics, research, clinical practice and community engagement. For more than 125 years, the Jefferson College of Nursing has been at the forefront of exemplary and transformative academics that position students and graduates to meet today’s healthcare challenges across all settings. Jefferson is committed to high-level collaboration and we are developing impactful and transformative partnerships across Jefferson’s Enterprise that bring innovative academic, clinical and research opportunities to our faculty and students. These partnerships position nursing as key players in the design, acceleration and implementation of bold and next-generation solutions to today’s healthcare challenges. Along with our clinical partners, Jefferson Nursing is improving lives and making a significant difference in the care delivered to our patients, families and communities, particularly right here in Philadelphia and our surrounding communities.

At Jefferson College of Nursing, we are fierce advocates for having nursing at the table when complex problems need solutions and we are preparing our graduates with the real world skills needed to meet these challenges head on.  We value our students’ prior life experiences and we leverage them into gains. And, we prepare our students to be nurses that will lead interdisciplinary teams with the competencies of leadership, communication, assertiveness, delegation, empowerment and advocacy.

What an exciting time to be exploring Jefferson and the College of Nursing. We invite you to seek information, speak with our faculty and staff, and visit our campuses. As you do, you will soon find that we offer a distinguished academic experience at an exceptional value. Whether you are seeking your first nursing degree, aspiring to become an advanced practice nurse, or have interest in joining our esteemed faculty, we know you have a choice in your academic and professional trajectory. We encourage you to join us and experience all that the Jefferson College of Nursing has to offer.