Funding for Tuition, Fees, & Books


Name: Jefferson College of Nursing
Department: Office of Admissions
Contact Number(s):

via the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) 2022-23

Application & FAFSA deadline August 15, 2022 

Funding available for (6) MS(N) students taking a minimum of 6 credits per term (FL, SP, SM) who:

  • Hold a MS(N) degree
  • Matriculate into the DNP fall 2022 or have at least three (3) remaining terms left in the DNP program
  • Commit to continue through the DNP completing the nurse educator certificate, and
  • Agree to teach (as preceptor or academic educator) x 4 years after graduation in exchange for loan forgiveness up to 85%

More Information

Contact Ruth Wittmann-Price, PhD, RN, FAAN - Chair & Professor, Nursing Undergradute Programs at