Post-Professional Training & Education

Advanced Practice Certificates

Jefferson College of Rehabilitation offers post-professional certificates for various topics ranging from Autism Practice & Research, Coaching in Context, and Life Care Planning.

Each certificate consists of four graduate-level courses totaling 12 credits and can be completed part-time over 9 - 16 months. Most certificates are 100% online. 

Continuing Education

Coaching in Context Workshop

Coaching in Context is a strengths-based, solution-focused, client-driven approach based in conversations that healthcare and social service professionals can use to foster the achievement of their client's self-identified goals.

Innovation Labs

Jefferson’s Innovation Labs provide occupational therapy practitioners with professional development within a supportive online community. Labs are time-efficient, cost-effective, interactive, and responsive to current trends that influence contemporary service delivery. Join our community to collaborate and co-create solutions to every day practice challenges with online peers! 

Autism Continuing Education

This course introduces the Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM) framework as a guide to clinical reasoning throughout the therapy process. It uses data and a systematic organized approach to facilitate evidence-based practice. 

This course provides an overview of goal attainment scaling and its use as an outcome measure. Participants will learn to develop measurable and meaningful goals, create goal attainment scales, check them for technical accuracy, and rate goals post intervention to evaluate progress.

Post-Professional Training

Jefferson Elder Care

We offer training in Skills2Care®, which is a proven home program that improves well-being and skills of caregivers, slows decline in daily functioning of people living with dementia, and reduces challenging behaviors that can trigger nursing home placement.

Sexual & Gender Minority Education & Training Professional Development Program (SG-MET)

This program consists of a combination of learning and mentoring sessions led by trained faculty. Both learning experiences aim to enhance participants’ ability to create a more inclusive learning environment through teaching, advising, clinical practice, student engagement, etc.

Residency Training

Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Residency Programs

Thomas Jefferson University, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Magee Rehabilitation, and MossRehab are renowned leaders in education and healthcare and have partnered to improve the residency experience for neurological and orthopedic physical therapists. This merger of programs enhances physical therapist training and skill development by providing students with valuable exposure to a wide array of clinical settings, mentors with diverse clinical backgrounds, and a broad spectrum of clinical cases. Visit their official website to learn more about how this partnership will enhance the residency experience.