Registrar’s Office

Applying for Graduation

You will be sent detailed instructions on how to apply for graduation when it appears that you are eligible to graduate in the coming academic year. The application for graduation is in BannerWeb and is required to ensure that you are included in Commencement materials and you are reviewed in a timely fashion to be awarded your degree.

The application for graduation asks which term (Fall/Spring/Summer) you plan on completing your degree. If you have any questions about when you will complete your degree requirements, consult with your advisor or program director.

After applying to graduate, meet with your advisor to verify that you are on track to complete your degree requirements. You must complete the Pre-Certification Form so that the Registrar's Office can initiate the review of the completion of your graduation requirements.

Course Substitution

The Course Substitution Form (PDF) must be completed if you are requesting to satisfy a requirement for a degree program with something other than the required course.