Registrar’s Office


When do elective rotations begin? How long are rotations?

Rotations begin at the end of April. Please see the Visiting Student Clinical Rotation Guide (PDF) for exact dates. The duration of an elective at Sidney Kimmel Medical College is four weeks. We do not offer two-week rotations. Students must adhere to the dates of the academic calendar.

When should I apply?

The earliest that students may apply is mid-March, which is when the application becomes available. Please note that decisions will not be made until late March, after the clinical scheduling of currently enrolled students has taken place. 

Am I eligible to apply for more than one rotation?

Students are eligible to apply for more than one rotation; however, students will only receive one, four-week rotation.

What are the USMLE score requirements?

Students must obtain a passing score on the USMLE Step 1 Exam prior to being accepted for a Visiting Student rotation. The USMLE website has information about passing scores for the exams.

Is there a waiver for the USMLE Step 1 Exam?

We do not offer a waiver in place of the USMLE Step 1 Exam. Students must have a passing score prior to applying for a rotation. Other exams from other countries are not accepted in its place. 

How many students apply? How many are accepted?

The number of students that apply varies from year to year. The number of students accepted is based on availability. 

Can I switch an elective if my schedule changes?

Yes; however, electives are based on availability and we cannot guarantee that certain dates/specialties will be available. 

What is the process for canceling an elective if I have already been accepted?

Domestic Students—cancel your elective in VSLO. You may also send an email to to cancel your elective. Please be sure to include the department, course, and elective dates. 

International Students—contact to cancel your elective.

Is it possible to defer my acceptance?

No, we do not offer deferments.

What fees are required?

Domestic Students—applications are submitted through VSLO; therefore, the VSLO fee applies, but no other fees are collected.

International Students—course fees are waived for students in approved programs. Fees are subject to change.

How do I obtain malpractice insurance?

Please review the requirements as indicated within your elective application and contact your insurance provider within your designated country. Please note that the insurance purchased must correspond with the dates on the elective application if accepted.

What is the application timeline?

Students must send in a completed application at least eight weeks prior to the start of the block. Decisions will be made at least six weeks before the start of the rotation. Only completed applications will be reviewed by the department.

When do I need to accept an offer by?

Once students receive an offer of acceptance for a visiting student rotation, students must accept their offer within 10 days before the offer is rescinded.

I've spoken to a faculty member/department coordinator who has already accepted me for an elective. What do I need to do next?

Having had communication with a faculty member or department coordinator does not guarantee acceptance for an elective. All application processing starts with the Visiting Student Coordinator in the Registrar's Office. Offers of acceptance can only be extended by the Registrar's Office in conjunction with the course director after a completed application is received.

When will I hear about my application?

You should be able to view your application status in VSLO.

Specific details regarding when a decision will be reached on your application is not available. Typically, decisions are given for rotations beginning in April by late February, and within 2–3 weeks of an application's submission thereafter. When the application opens, there is a large number to process and responses may not be received for 4–6 weeks.

Can you tell me if space is available for an elective before I apply?

The clinical department, not the Registrar's Office, determines availability for clinical rotations. Availability changes daily, as both our students and Visiting Students register for rotations. Space availability will be determined by the clinical department when reviewing completed applications through VSLO.