Registrar’s Office

The information below is for East Falls programs only. Center City students should check with their program director about their final exam information and schedule.

Final Exams

Final exams are scheduled for lecture and lecture lab courses only during a one-week period at the end of each semester. Exam periods are two hours in length. The University has a policy prohibiting the administration of any final exams during the last "instructional" week of the semester instead of administering it during the scheduled exam week. You are not required to take more than three final exams in a given day. If, because of this policy, it is necessary for you to have an exam rescheduled, you must make arrangements with your instructor. If a solution cannot be reached within one week of the start of the exam week, you must contact the Registrar’s Office (East Falls). If you must miss a final exam, you must notify your course instructor or the school administrative assistant in advance of the scheduled exam.

Common Exams

Common Exams are when multiple sections of the same class administer their final exam at the same day and time. For example, multiple sections of PSYC 101 might administer their final exam to all students together.


Critiques are scheduled during the days after classes end each semester and prior to the start of the final exams. You will be notified by your faculty which courses require critiques. Critiques are not part of the final exam schedule, but will be held during the "Reading/Review Days." Critiques are prohibited from being administered during the final exam period. You are not required to be the subject of more than three critiques in a given day. Critique locations will be provided to you by your instructors.

Final Exam Schedule & Common Exam Schedule

Your specific exam time is listed in the final exam schedule or the common exam schedule:

  • Common Exam Schedule (PDF)
  • The common exam schedule notes which sections’ exam will be administered at the same time.
  • Final Exam Schedule (PDF)
  • The final exam schedule notes when examinations will be administered based on class meeting days and start times.

Check each schedule to identify the date(s) and time(s) of your exams. First, check for your class on the common exam schedule to see if your final exam is being administered with other sections of the same class. If your class does not appear on the common exam schedule, then look for the day and start time of your class on the final exam schedule.

Final exams will be held in the same classroom in which your class currently meets. Common exams’ locations will be posted on the website before final exams begin.

Final Exams or Common Exams Scheduled at the Same Time

The Registrar’s Office (East Falls) is responsible for establishing the final exam schedule, which is created at the beginning of the semester. Every effort is made to establish a final exam schedule that is free of conflicts. Invariably, some conflicts arise. If you have a final exam conflict (as defined by two or more exams scheduled at the same time), resolve the issue with your instructors. If a solution cannot be reached, contact the Registrar’s Office (East Falls) for assistance. 

Critiques Scheduled at the Same Time

Individual schools are responsible for creating the critique schedules, which usually become available toward the end of the semester. If you have a critique conflict (as defined by two or more critiques scheduled at the same time), resolve the issue with your instructors. If a solution cannot be reached, contact the dean of your college/school for assistance.