Registrar’s Office


A diploma is the physical document that is provided to students upon completion of their degree. Beginning in May 2024, all students will receive an electronic copy of their diploma in addition to a physical copy. Students will receive an email shortly after graduation prompting them to claim their electronic diploma via the platform, Parchment. Physical copies of diplomas will be mailed out after graduation. Please allow up to 8 weeks for diplomas to be delivered.

Diploma Requests/Reprints

If you need a new copy of your diploma, there are two options:

  • Request for an Electronic Diploma only (free)
  • Request for an Electronic and Physical Diploma (see fee chart below)

In order to request a reprint of your diploma, we require a notarized letter with the information below. Please note: email requests for diploma reprints will not be accepted.

  1. Your name as you would like it printed on the diploma
  2. Your Social Security number
  3. The month and year of your graduation
  4. The degree that you were awarded and the program you completed
  5. The address where you would like the diploma sent (please note: diplomas cannot be mailed to P.O. Boxes)
  6. Current phone number
  7. Current email address
  8. Whether you would like an electronic diploma only, or an electronic AND physical diploma

If you are requesting a physical diploma: Along with the notarized letter, include a check payable to the Registrar’s Office (see costs below). All forms of checks are acceptable.

For electronic and physical diplomas: Mail the notarized letter (and check, if applicable) to the Registrar’s Office corresponding to the campus you attended.

Please note: if you graduated from Thomas Jefferson University – East Falls prior to Summer 2017, you are only eligible to receive a diploma reprint from “Philadelphia University”.

Costs for Physical Diplomas

  • Certificates, Associate’s, or Bachelor’s diplomas — $50
  • PhD, MD, or Master’s diplomas — $90

Processing Time

  • Certificates, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master's, or PhD diplomas — may take up to three weeks
  • MD diplomas — may take six to nine weeks due to special processing needs

Apostille Diplomas

An Apostille diploma is authenticated with the seals and signatures of officials so that it can be recognized in foreign countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty. For more information regarding Apostille documents, visit the Pennsylvania Department of State website.

When requesting an apostille diploma please complete the Apostille Diploma Request Form (PDF) and Pennsylvania Department of State Apostille/Certification Request Form (PDF) along with a $15.00 check made payable to The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.