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The Jefferson College of Humanities and Sciences has a laser focus on human social interactions and relationships, from the individual to regional, national and international institutions. Here the philosopher meets the political scientist, the sociologist meets the community activist, the historian meets the mathematician, the writer meets the physicist, in a place where transdisciplinary collaboration defines our teaching and our research. The faculty of the College of Humanities and Sciences teach both in its major programs and in the Hallmarks Program for General Education, supporting the education of professionals with awareness of all the national and global issues that impact their professional and personal lives.

To thrive in a world that prizes information and those that can use it well, students gain strong communication and presentation skills, and learn to develop, analyze and and apply information in order to address key policy issues at the national and global scale.  Hands-on experiential learning brings students directly into contact with professional practices and organizations in ways that allow them to draw upon and contribute to their University, municipal and national communities. A commitment to making change in the world by combining evidence-based analysis with passionate community engagement is central to the vision and mission of the College of Humanities and Sciences.

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