Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce


Whether your dream is to develop the next generation’s most popular tech product, or build a sustainable energy system to help developing countries, Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce (DEC) offers the knowledge and real-life experience to help you reach your goal. Through our award-winning DEC curriculum, you will gain an understanding of related industries to guide breakthrough collaborations, and the deep discipline-specific knowledge to position you to exceed your career expectations.

Kanbar students with professor

Kanbar's DEC Curriculum

The DEC core curriculum offers an integrated educational experience that prepares students to think critically about the world, which gives them a multidimensional understanding of their rapidly evolving fields. 


Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing

The focus of the JIB is hands-on training of industry professionals through workshops and certificates and hands-on education of new bioprocessing engineers at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Explore the Fashion and Textiles Futures Center

Our new state-of-the-art Fashion and Textiles Futures Center, the premier center for fashion and textile programs, immerses students in experiences that mirror industry: the Futures Center provides a forward-looking, market-sensitive, dynamic and highly collaborative environment.

Kanbar Degrees & Programs

Business Undergraduate Business Graduate Design Undergraduate Design Graduate Engineering & Technology Undergraduate Engineering & Technology Graduate 

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Business Degree Programs | Graduate

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Design Degree Programs | Graduate

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