Recent Research

pregnant woman on cell phone

Pregnant women should stay in touch with physicians via telemedicine as needed, and keep precautionary distancing measures. 


Telehealth is vital not just as a means of triaging patients, but also as a safe way for quarantined doctors to continue to help with relief efforts.

Person experiencing poverty

Research among nursing students shows that past experience living in poverty or volunteering in impoverished communities, does not  sufficiently build empathy towards patients who experience poverty. 

Timothy Mooney on Mergers and Acquisitions

According to new analysis, banks may use advance knowledge of mergers and acquisitions to invest in rising stocks more commonly than expected. 

Academic Physician

New study provides comprehensive assessment of metrics and points to key benchmarks for physician trainees considering a career in academics 

Blood vessels in the brain

The advanced technology has the potential to change acute stroke treatment.


The naturally occurring molecule N-acetylcysteine (NAC) shows benefit in a clinical trial for multiple sclerosis.


Jefferson researcher tells us how she is studying the ingredients in plants like turmeric that could have medicinal or healing properties

scientist pipeting at the lab bench

New research shows that both strands of microRNA cooperate to drive growth and aggressiveness across cancer types, suggesting that these molecules may be more central in deadly cancers than previously thought. 

Insulin with expiration date

Research shows a market for the sale of essential medications for asthma and diabetes, typically at lower prices on a popular online market-place. 

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