Recent Research

Mother with child with disability improving their skills and knowledge during quarantine time

A study of national data shows the devastating impact the pandemic has had on those with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers. 


Researching the concept of “branded environments” to promote and market institutions.

Shot of a team of surgeons performing a surgery in an operating room

A web-based tool developed by Jefferson researchers predicts individualized risk for stroke, other grave post-surgical complications.

Signs for humanity exhibition

Journal publishes a paper written by public health, medical students, alums and faculty that explores  experiences of the unhoused.


Proven to help moms with opioid abuse disorder, mindfulness practice may also be helpful to others in crisis.

Close up of a senior man consulting with a doctor on his laptop

Researchers team up with students on “Digital Onboarding Taskforce” to help patients get comfortable using technology for remote medical care.

professor sitting on bench

Discovering the heart of an area by studying its architecture.


Jefferson researchers join a CDC study to follow COVID-19 “long-haulers” and their symptoms.

overlooking of asian woman sleep well with smile at night

Neuroscience researchers study how fruit flies decide between sleep and other behaviors, like mating, and the factors that influence that decision.

Mijail Serruya with Cortimo patient

A single patient will help researchers learn if brain implants connected to a robotic brace can help stroke patients overcome abnormal movement and restore abilities.

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