Recent Research

Evan Laine with gavel at East Falls campus

History professor explores significance of conspiracy theories – and Senator Arlen Spector.


Therapies that target aging cells early pave the way to easing back pain.

African-american man suffering from stomach ache, lying on sofa at home, closeup

Pancreatic disease – even when the diagnosis isn’t cancer – can have severe impacts on a person’s well-being, according to new research. 


Combatting misconceptions and investigating the benefits of cannabis in treating disease. 

Home office space at night with low light, tablet with blank empty screen, modern table lamp, mock up frames and decor on wood table, 3d rendering, 3d illustration

A newly funded DOE project will look at how LED lighting compares with standard fluorescent light for the health of people on regular daytime work schedules. 

anticonvulsant medications

An FDA warning on epilepsy drugs may pose greater risk to patients.

man standing in front of building

Understanding muscle adaptations in the shoulder to repetitive motion and stress. 


Bridging the gap between the medical and design professions.

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