Recent Research

White Coats for Black Lives in Lubert Plaza

Worn from carrying the burden of fighting against racial injustice, a group of physicians pen a letter titled “Dear White People” asking colleagues in medicine to take up the cause of anti-racism. 

micro bubbles

Bursting gas-filled microbubbles using ultrasound waves sensitizes tumors to targeted radiation, reducing tumor growth and improving overall survival after treatment. 

man has symptoms of the virus, lies in bed

COVID-19 patients can lose muscle mass quickly while staying in bed. Experts demonstrate safe and effective ways to keep muscles and joints flexible and strong throughout recovery.  


Jefferson researchers find that the genetic underpinnings of a skin disorder at birth indicate future heart problems.


Amplifying Voices: A collaborative research team works with the transgender community to gather perspectives on barriers to care, unique health needs, and discrimination. 


Creating practices for researchers to include the voices of the communities they work with.  

Brothers sleeping in car

Researchers discover that gentle vibration can induce sleep in flies through a simple form of learning.

Close up  bone  x-ray medical science background

The research sheds light on a key cellular change that contributes to the malignancy of a common form of bone cancer, and which might aid in the development of biomarkers and therapeutic approaches to detect and treat this form of cancer.


Isidore Rigoutsos, PhD, a leader in the field of computational biology, has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in the Section of Biological Sciences.

Professional development programmer cooperating meeting programming website working a software in office room.

As the only finalist in Philadelphia, and one of three hospital systems among the 7 candidates left, the Jefferson team now competes for a $1 million prize to use artificial intelligence (AI) in improving healthcare outcomes.

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