Recent Research

T cell

Researchers uncover defining features of a subset of T-cells that may drive autoimmunity in MS, and could prove to be a new target for therapy.


Researchers reflect on the impact the Affordable Care Act has had on opening up access to mental health services. 


Socioeconomic status and race could play a role in treatment decisions, according to new research.  


Applied research with its inquiry-aided design, has helped Jefferson faculty and students come up with solutions to some surprising issues created by the pandemic.

wound covered by dressing and bandaid

Researchers use discarded wound dressings as a novel and non-invasive way to study the mechanisms that promote healing. 


Tweaking the adenovirus spike protein induces a more robust immune reaction for a cancer vaccine against gastric, pancreatic, esophageal and colon malignancies in animal models. 

woman running

A pair of new studies identify overlooked physiological factors and lack of knowledge around wellness as contributors to risk of stress fracture in women who run.


Although surgery during pregnancy is often feared, in the case of cholecystitis or acute gallbladder disease, surgery may lead to better outcomes for mom and baby.  

pregnant woman mindfulness

Understanding trauma women experienced as children can inform better care for moms struggling with opioid use disorder.

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