Recent Research


New study identifies how loss of mitochondrial protein MICU1 disrupts calcium balance and causes muscle atrophy and weakness


New study uses machine learning on ultrasound images of thyroid nodules to predict risk of malignancy

Colorful plate of food

Jefferson to study effectiveness of home delivery of medically tailored meals and video-delivered nutrition education in improving blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes.


Novel molecular mechanism may regulate microtubule stability, important for neuronal branching and potentially for nerve regeneration 


New study identifies genetic variants that may alter platelet function in cardiovascular disease


New research correlates inflammation in the brain and gut to negative emotional state during opioid withdrawal

prostate cancer and cardiovascular health, hormone therapy

Common prostate cancer therapy may increase short-term risk of death in patients with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions.

Smoking head and neck cancer

A change in the tumor metabolism due to tobacco exposure could open new treatment avenues in head and neck cancer.


Jefferson will become one of 48 centers in the world focused on Parkinson’s patient care, research, outreach and education, named by the Parkinson’s Foundation.


New research establishes link between mitochondria dysfunction and dopamine in PINK1 model of disease.

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