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Creating a promising cancer vaccine from scratch is a multigenerational effort.

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In women with uterine fibroids, the drug elagolix suppresses ovarian hormone production and prevents heavy menstrual bleeding.

A Liquid Nitrogen bank containing suspension of stem cells. Cell culture for the biomedical diagnostic

New Jefferson cancer repository will house tissue samples from several cancer types for research purposes.

p53 prevents cancer formation and acts as a guardian of the genome. Mutations in the p53 gene contribute to about half of the cases of human cancer.

The famous cancer gene p53, which was thought to be less relevant in kidney cancer, may play a larger role than previously appreciated, suggesting new potential for treatment.   

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An interdisciplinary team of researchers explore how women use the social media platform to talk openly about the emotional distress of a miscarriage and how social media can inform patient care

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Fatty liver disease is serious but preventable. Learn if you’re at risk. 

3D illustration, concept of DNA.

Using a new sequencing method, this class of previously invisible RNA molecules were found to be abundantly expressed.


New study identifies how loss of mitochondrial protein MICU1 disrupts calcium balance and causes muscle atrophy and weakness


New study uses machine learning on ultrasound images of thyroid nodules to predict risk of malignancy

Buddha bowl meal with chicken fillet, brown rice, avocado, pepper, tomato, broccoli, red cabbage, chickpea, fresh lettuce salad, pine nuts and walnuts. Healthy balanced eating. Overhead view

Jefferson to study effectiveness of home delivery of medically tailored meals and video-delivered nutrition education in improving blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes.

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