Recent Research

3D reconsructed heart from a male rat

An interdisciplinary research team establishes a new technological pipeline to build a 3D map of the neurons in the heart, revealing foundational insight into their role in heart attacks and other cardiac conditions

coronavirus researchers

The vector used in this new COVID-19 vaccine under accelerated development program is a deactivated rabies vaccine that is known to produce a strong immune response, and is approved for the whole population including children and pregnant women. 


From harnessing the power of the immune system to understanding the role of gut microbiota in combating COVID-19, Jefferson scientists are doing their part to find a way out of the pandemic

enrolling patients in covid-19 clinical trial

New clinical trial opened at Jefferson for novel COVID-19 treatment in ten days.

pensive woman

A new study on adversity during childhood explores whether perceptions of traumatic events can affect adult health as much as the events themselves 


Jefferson researchers discover that the abundances of yet another class of short RNAs differ by a person’s gender and population of origin.

MS patient in wheelchair

Ursolic acid, abundant in fruit peels and some herbs, both prevents and repairs neurons in animal models of multiple sclerosis. 


Why do we take preventative measures during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Older cancer patient looking at pills

Older patients with prostate, breast, or lung cancer are more likely to be hospitalized after chemotherapy if they take more than five other medicines. 

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