Recent Research


High levels of CO2 in the body, due to chronic respiratory disorders, may exacerbate pancreatic cancer, making it more aggressive and resistant to therapy. 


Jefferson junior clinical faculty receive award to help protect time for research.


Statin use alone or with metformin is associated with lower prostate cancer mortality from all causes, among high-risk patients.


A vibroacoustic therapeutic intervention shows brain and sleep quality benefits in a clinical trial for patients with insomnia

transmembrane protein

How and where receptors touch at the surface of a cell may influence the strength of neuronal connections and contribute to identifying better medical interventions for pain, cancer other diseases.

Holding hands

The nationwide, multi-institutional cross-sectional study of students at DO-granting medical schools found that those students – like their peers in MD-granting medical schools – lose empathy as they progress through medical school. 

woman eye

New retrospective study indicates that the shift of treatment from systemic chemotherapies to liver-directed therapies provides survival benefits.


We interview Jefferson researcher on how he is synthesizing molecules that could help treat diseases like cancer, with the help of a little blue light.


In patients with dementia, a sleep-dependent mechanism may link accumulation of beta-amyloid in the brain to cognitive impairment.


Creating a promising cancer vaccine from scratch is a multigenerational effort.

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