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Gastric mucosa where the intense PAS positivity of the epithelium lining the inner surface of the stomach and the gastric pits is observed.

New research in mice from Thomas Jefferson University has paved the way for a Phase I clinical trial and has the potential to transform vaccines against HIV and malaria.

Highway Junction Intersection and Railroad Tracks, Brisbane Airport Link, Australia. Converted from Raw.

The normal role of an gene involved in familiar Alzheimer’s, neuronal clean-up crews, and how the gut microbiome might affect osteoarthritis 

A pair of lungs made out of smoke on a black background

Cancer screening guidelines published last year expand eligibility for those at high risk for lung cancer, and new research shows that they also improve representation among African American patients.

illustration of a researcher

A novel fibrotic disease with surprising nerve symptoms, an explanation for COVID immunity in the immunocompromised and a new approach for brain cancer

experimental mouse

New research finds that the novel coronavirus can make the mouse brain more susceptible to a toxin that induces nerve-cell loss seen in Parkinson’s. 

Stroke patient Aaron Ulland with Dr. Mijail Serruya

The innovative and inspirational clinical trial called Cortimo, led by Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, was honored in the World Changing Ideas’ health category of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards.

illustration of a brain with colors

How steroids affect cancer immunotherapy, the powerhouse of neurodegeneration and the molecules behind learning and memory 


Understanding how some of the world’s richest people hide their wealth in order to avoid taxation and accountability.

Billy Oglesby, PhD, MBA, MSPH, FACHE

Thomas Jefferson University announced this week that Billy Oglesby, PhD, MBA, MSPH, FACHE has been appointed Dean of the College of Population Health. Dr. Oglesby, who joined the University in 2016, has served as interim dean since 2019.

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