Recent Research


Creating practices for researchers to include the voices of the communities they work with.  

Two boys rocked to sleep in the back of a car.

Researchers discover that gentle vibration can induce sleep in flies through a simple form of learning.

x-ray image of a bone

The research sheds light on a key cellular change that contributes to the malignancy of a common form of bone cancer, and which might aid in the development of biomarkers and therapeutic approaches to detect and treat this form of cancer.


Isidore Rigoutsos, PhD, a leader in the field of computational biology, has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in the Section of Biological Sciences.

Man and woman working on coding project for healthcare, sitting in front of three computer monitors

As the only finalist in Philadelphia, and one of three hospital systems among the 7 candidates left, the Jefferson team now competes for a $1 million prize to use artificial intelligence (AI) in improving healthcare outcomes.

mouse model of MS

Jefferson researchers develop an approach to specifically impede the autoimmune response that drives the disease, while leaving the rest of the immune system fully functioning.  

hand holding at night against blurred city lights in the background

Research shows women are less likely to hear how cancer treatments might impact their sexual health. Experts weigh in on how women can explore these questions with their doctors and partners.   

Middle Eastern man in a telehealth visit discussing medication.

Patients whose Type 2 diabetes is not controlled with metformin can benefit long-term from a two-drug combination treatment that also reduces weight. 

Black woman having her lungs checked by stethescope by a white physician in a doctor's office

African American patients with lung cancer are still less likely to receive the most effective treatment for a common type of early stage lung cancer.

T cell

Researchers uncover defining features of a subset of T-cells that may drive autoimmunity in MS, and could prove to be a new target for therapy.

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