Recent Research


A multicenter trial of minimally invasive laser surgery to treat epileptic seizures reveals approaches for better seizure control with fewer side effects.

Parents hands handing poppy flowers

The discovery highlights alternative treatment options to pharmaceutical medications

High magnification light micrograph showing osteocytes stained with the Schmorl's technique. From its elongated cell body, many thin and long processes are directed to the surface of the bone trabeculae.

A subpopulation of bone cells releases factors that can halt the growth of breast cancer that’s traveled to the bone, putting the cells in stasis.

An illustration of Leonardo Da Vinci's portrait from a vintage book Leonard de Vinci, Eugene Muntz, 1899, Paris

The Renaissance man’s spelling problems may have aided his artistic genius.

3D illustration of Salmonella Bacteria. Medicine concept.

Creating a defect in tRNA molecules could weaken bacteria’s two-pronged defense and help make faster-acting antibiotics

Colon cancer cells, 3D artwork.

The vaccine proves safe in a small sample of human subjects, opening the way for the next phase of testing.

Lipid bilayer cell membrane with membrane and intracellular receptors

Gasdermin E could be a useful target for improving cancer therapy.


Researchers developed a novel recombinant vaccine called NIPRAB that shows robust immunization against Nipah virus in animal models and may be effective against other viruses in the same family.

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