Recent Research

A group of healthcare workers consisting of doctors and nurses are meeting together in the hospital meeting room to discuss their medical plans for their patients.

The largest survey to date shows that rapid information sharing, multi-disciplinary teams and novel communication methods enabled remarkable consistency of care across U.S. hospitals. 


New moms participate in a research project to document the early weeks of motherhood with photos, and reflect on the challenges and adaptations of the pandemic.


The largest study on severe stroke and COVID-19 published to date found even moderate COVID-19 infection increased risk of death in younger, healthier stroke patients   


Shining a light on Black excellence – researchers share their accomplishments, role models and lived experiences. 

Women scientist doing researches on coronavirus.

Looking for colon cancer’s off-switch, how physicians stave off stress, and searching for where lung cancer disparities persist.


Medical and industrial design students team up to develop medical devices to solve healthcare challenges.

Closeup of man hand pouring capsules from a pill bottle into hand. Senior man taking daily medicine to consume. Close up of male hands taking daily dose of drug.

The largest longitudinal study to date shows that common and inexpensive blood pressure medications may prolong survival for pancreatic cancer patients. 


Combining epidemiological mapping and community outreach, researchers target educational interventions to populations in Philadelphia at highest risk for the disease. 


Researching ways to achieve better health outcomes and self-awareness. 

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