Recent Research

Workplace lighting. A desk with a computer and a few books lit by a single lamp.

A newly funded DOE project will look at how LED lighting compares with standard fluorescent light for the health of people on regular daytime work schedules. 

anticonvulsant medications

An FDA warning on epilepsy drugs may pose greater risk to patients.

man standing in front of building

Understanding muscle adaptations in the shoulder to repetitive motion and stress. 


Bridging the gap between the medical and design professions.

image showing the differences in neurons in male and female rat hearts

Neurons that control every heartbeat are organized differently in male and female rats, opening new pathways for studying heart disease across sexes.


Researchers look into methods to reduce the early mortality in those with serious mental illnesses.

woman standing outside

From switching fields to studying microorganisms that live in extreme conditions to setting up a lab during the pandemic, a Jefferson researcher shares her story of persistence and creating opportunities for underrepresented scientists.


A new study finds that exposure to e-cigarette vapor leads to higher levels of the coronavirus receptor ACE-2 in lungs of mice, with nicotine enhancing that increase in male mice. 

inflammation in neuron

Researchers find an increase in inflammatory molecules in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of C90RF72 patients, informing future anti-inflammatory therapies. 

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