Recent Research


Examining contemporary Italy through literature, film, and fashion.

Nafees Norris, Thomas Jefferson University

As the first African American man admitted to the Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing, Nafees Norris paves a path for others.  


Seven student projects stem from interdisciplinary collaborations across the University.


Research has shown that Pennsylvania is by far the highest in funding inequality between the highest and lowest-income school districts of all 50 states. Funding students based on their need is the first step to reducing decades of inequality. But changing the focus within the classroom is another, says Anahid Modrek, assistant professor in the department of Psychology.

x ray of lung

Research finds that a commonly used risk-prediction model for lung cancer does not accurately identify high-risk Black patients who could benefit from early screening.

woman standing outside

An unconventional journey led Dr. Theresa Freeman to become a pioneer in the field of plasma medicine, taking on the unknown with creative thinking. 


Visualizing the critical relationship between physical space and health.

covid ward

Research suggests that sharing information, strategies, and resources across Jefferson Health hospitals helped ensure patients received the most effective treatment as it was developed. 


Enhancing our understanding of animals at the intersection of multiple disciplines. 

Roseanne Schaaf, PhD, using a sensory-integration approach to work with children

Researchers across the globe collaborate on a free, multi-language assessment tool, to help therapists demonstrate progress among children with sensory-integration deficits, including autism. 

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