Recent Research

woman standing outside

An unconventional journey led Dr. Theresa Freeman to become a pioneer in the field of plasma medicine, taking on the unknown with creative thinking. 


Visualizing the critical relationship between physical space and health.

covid ward

Research suggests that sharing information, strategies, and resources across Jefferson Health hospitals helped ensure patients received the most effective treatment as it was developed. 


Enhancing our understanding of animals at the intersection of multiple disciplines. 

Roseanne Schaaf, PhD, using a sensory-integration approach to work with children

Researchers across the globe collaborate on a free, multi-language assessment tool, to help therapists demonstrate progress among children with sensory-integration deficits, including autism. 

Man sitting in front of artwork.

Bridging technology, textile design and architecture.

White man sitting on couch with back pain

New prospective clinical study shows that patients have three times greater chance of positive outcomes when their surgeons follow evidence-based guidelines for lumbar spinal fusion.


A high percentage of medical students feel like “imposters” during their first year of medical school, which indicates increasing levels of distress.


Combatting stigma and fostering promotion and treatment for mental wellness.

white woman working with a white woman with an intellectual disability using many props and toys.

A study of national data shows the devastating impact the pandemic has had on those with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers. 

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