Recent Research

woman running

A pair of new studies identify overlooked physiological factors and lack of knowledge around wellness as contributors to risk of stress fracture in women who run.


Although surgery during pregnancy is often feared, in the case of cholecystitis or acute gallbladder disease, surgery may lead to better outcomes for mom and baby.  

pregnant woman mindfulness

Understanding trauma women experienced as children can inform better care for moms struggling with opioid use disorder.

people with obesity exercising

Pairing bariatric surgery with LVAD heart surgery may be an effective bridge to heart transplant for obese patients.

Young girl with disability

Adolescents and young women with disabilities can stop periods and get relief from distressing menstrual symptoms with IUDs, in the largest study in this population to date.


New evidence upturns long-held medical practice, showing the efficacy of an intervention to prevent premature labor and miscarriage for mothers carrying twins.


Black patients with esophageal cancer are less likely to receive life-saving surgery for early-stage disease than white patients.


What lessons can we learn from art therapists in times of high uncertainty and stress.


When deficit-focused reporting fails to tell the full stories of communities of color, newsroom ethics are eroded. 

painting of DNA

What it means for men and their families

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