Recent Research


Hien Dang, PhD, was one of 11 people awarded the prestigious award aimed at finding therapies for tough to treat cancers in patients who have been historically disadvantaged. 


This summer, Dr. Manuela Tripepi traveled to Curaçao to research the disease ravaging sea turtles across the Caribbean.


How a common antibiotic can reduce sepsis during labor, how social discrimination can impact traumatic brain injury recovery, and how cells pass identity down to daughter cells.


With a lack of validated rehabilitation interventions for people with long COVID, occupational therapy could help patients get their lives back to normal. 


Working with communities to develop high-quality outdoor spaces that improve environmental, social and physical health.

Mid adult female physical therapist attentively listens as a senior man describes the pain in his shoulder.

How does cannabis cause allergic reactions, why do people with HIV experience cognitive decline, and how can internal scarring be reduced after rotator cuff repair. 

Beautiful aerial cityscape view of the city of Leiden, the Netherlands, after sunset at night in the blue hour

Light pollution at night is getting worse. How can people maintain good sleep hygiene when brightness seeps in through the windows?

Craig Griffen, Professor of Architecture in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment

How to build more efficient, passive homes – those that take advantage of natural and recycled warming and cooling through design and engineering – for the masses.

young asian woman with pain in shoulder , Ache in human body , office syndrome , health care concept

Does discrimination slow recovery from brain trauma, can patients with long-term pain use cannabis to reduce opioid use, will blocking blood flow to cancer slow its growth?



Researchers will develop prototype modular panels and test for energy savings, resistance to weathering and market feasibility.

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