Recent Research


Mistrust in physicians kept some Black patients with diabetes from using these services during the pandemic.

photo of laboratory test tubes

The teams represent some of University’s leading areas of programmatic strength; neurological disease, vaccine development, and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. 

RNA molecule, artistic represenation

Researchers show that polymerase theta can efficiently convert RNA sequences back into DNA, a feat more common in viruses than eukaryotic cells. 


A novel approach for providing early support for overall physical and mental wellbeing for teenage girls.


Four projects from Philadelphia will become part of the first-ever private mission to the International Space Station.


Examining contemporary Italy through literature, film, and fashion.

Nafees Norris, Thomas Jefferson University

As the first African American man admitted to the Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing, Nafees Norris paves a path for others.  


Seven student projects stem from interdisciplinary collaborations across the University.


Research has shown that Pennsylvania is by far the highest in funding inequality between the highest and lowest-income school districts of all 50 states. Funding students based on their need is the first step to reducing decades of inequality. But changing the focus within the classroom is another, says Anahid Modrek, assistant professor in the department of Psychology.

x ray of lung

Research finds that a commonly used risk-prediction model for lung cancer does not accurately identify high-risk Black patients who could benefit from early screening.

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