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Exploring the ways technology can improve collaborative treatment approaches for patients with opioid use disorder.

Thomas Jefferson University - East Falls Campus

This year marks five years since the historic merger of two celebrated Philadelphia institutions — Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson), a health sciences university that was founded in 1824 as the Jefferson Medical College, and Philadelphia University, a regional masters university and the nation’s first textile school founded in 1884.

Occupational therapy: hand function training in stroke patient by using stacking cone at a therapy room in the hospital

The device improves upper limb function for patients with disability after stroke by stimulating the vagus nerve during rehab training.

Dr. Roseanne Schaaf using sensory integration therapy with child with autism

Additional insights can help guide interventions that can assist individuals in processing and understanding their surroundings better.


Understanding how war and displacement complicate gender and sexuality in Afghanistan and its diaspora.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to all body tissues, Erythrocytes background, 3d illustration

Long-non-coding RNA as a common driving force in cancer, blood analysis reveals COVID-19 risks, and a common drug finds a new application. 


An extremely common response to cellular stress may be the key to pancreatic cancer in people with obesity, pointing to a new direction for therapy of this difficult-to-treat cancer. 

Black patient with white nurse

A recent study calls into question whether lower rates of lung cancer diagnosis in higher BMI patients holds true for African Americans. 

Thomas Jefferson University Students

Jefferson soared in the latest U.S. News & World Report 2022-2023 Best Colleges list released Sept. 12. The University ranked No. 127 among National Universities, up from No. 148 last year and No. 176 two years ago.

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