Recent Research

Festive celebration roasted turkey with gravy for Thanksgiving or Christmas

According to data in mice, extra tryptophan in turkey and other foods could reduce the risk of future colitis flares. 


How two emergency medicine professors are implementing communication training to improve patient outcomes.


A physical therapist works to understand why knee pain affects some people and not others — and how to treat it.

Woman in labour on a yoga ball

A midwife explains how both help prenatally and during labor and have benefits for those who opt for epidurals and those who do not.


New research explores how mitochondrial genetic material is inherited; improving culturally competent care for transgender patients; and the lack of menstrual supplies in prison.


Pelvic floor therapy can help align the mind and body.


Migraines that occur around menstruation can be more severe and difficult to treat, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options.


Plastic food packaging is a major source of pollution, but finding sustainable alternatives has proved challenging. This research team thinks fungi might be the answer.

Modern comfortable baby toddler bedroom, nursery room interior. Baby crib, chair, table and plant. Wall with decorations and window light. Flat style vector illustration in pastel colors. Scandinavian style

New research explores addressing an asthma inhaler’s side effects, mental health access for kids with incarcerated parents, and how fruit flies choose between babies and sleep.


Hien Dang, PhD, was one of 11 people awarded the prestigious award aimed at finding therapies for tough to treat cancers in patients who have been historically disadvantaged. 

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