Recent Research

Red blood cells carry oxygen to all body tissues, Erythrocytes background, 3d illustration

Long-non-coding RNA as a common driving force in cancer, blood analysis reveals COVID-19 risks, and a common drug finds a new application. 


An extremely common response to cellular stress may be the key to pancreatic cancer in people with obesity, pointing to a new direction for therapy of this difficult-to-treat cancer. 

Black patient with white nurse

A recent study calls into question whether lower rates of lung cancer diagnosis in higher BMI patients holds true for African Americans. 

Thomas Jefferson University Students

Jefferson soared in the latest U.S. News & World Report 2022-2023 Best Colleges list released Sept. 12. The University ranked No. 127 among National Universities, up from No. 148 last year and No. 176 two years ago.


New findings shed further light on how the coronavirus affects pregnant women and add evidence for safety and protection of vaccines.


Connecting patients with the natural world through design.


How Nursing Research Improves Patient Care and Recovery. 

Joseph G. Cacchione, MD

Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health’s Board of Trustees have announced that Joseph G. Cacchione, MD, will join as the organization’s new CEO, effective September 6, 2022. 

Paint chips on old hardwood floor

New research shows that the majority of gene changes in the brain caused by lead can be reversed by raising animals in stimulating environments.

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