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The College of Architecture and the Built Environment is committed to educating the next generation of design and construction professionals to create an equitable and sustainable future. We are preparing graduates to be independent thinkers, innovative problem solvers, collaborators and leaders with high standards of professionalism, integrity and excellence in design.

Our commitment to and passion for design continues to grow with our student-centered approach to a professional education; a balance between theory and practice focusing on design excellence and making; and curricula structured to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for global sustainable practice.

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Student Testomonials

“I always look back at my time at Jefferson (then Philadelphia University) and consider it the most important step I took toward my current entrepreneurship. The program was so intense and advanced. I left with so much knowledge and confidence that starting my own company just a few years out didn’t seem very daunting.”

— Crystal Russell ’09, BS Interior Design

"My philosophy and the honor of being named IIDA Student of the Year are a direct result of my experience as a student at Jefferson."

—  Amy Leigh Hufford '16, IIDA 2016 Student of the Year, BS Interior Design

“The collaboration between disciplines that Jefferson teaches is often the difference between work that stays conceptual and work that gets realized.”

—  Sean Lockyer ‘99, Bachelor of Architecture