COVID-19: Spread the Science, NOT the Virus Webinar Series

The COVID-19: Spread the Science Not the Virus webinar series was launched as way to address emerging issues, clinical and administrative best practices, and the latest epidemologic information pertaining to COVID-19.  Three specialty programs - public health; clinical lessons; and safety, were developed to equip webinar participants with lessons learned from experts on the frontline. Recordings for the series can be accessed on Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC). 

Past Series Overview

Safety Series

Spread the Science, NOT the Virus Safety webinar series was  offered by JCPH and the states’ hospital associations January - June 2021.  During planning and response to COVID-19, hospitals were first and foremost attuned to keeping patients as safe as possible. With a novel virus, unknown and untested treatments, and unpredictable impacts of the virus on different patients, the hospitals had to establish processes and practices that would save the most lives and prevent the most harm while patients were under their care.  

Hospital associations from Louisiana, Michigan, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas shared their approaches to safe care during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Clinical Lessons from the Northeast Surge

The Northeast Hospital Associations responded to the first surge of COVID-19 in the United States this spring by promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing among states, hospital associations, hospitals and clinicians.

The hospital associations shared their lessons learned with colleagues across the country on Tuesday afternoons from July 21-September 29, 2020. Listen to the webinar recording to learn about approaches to and solutions for the clinical dilemmas that arose during our surge.

Public Health Series

The goal of the Public Health series was to help the Jefferson Community learn what we can about COVID-19 and its impact on public health and the healthcare system.

This weekly lecture series featured experts with information viewers could use to better understand the role of public health in addressing the pandemic. Topics included: epidemiology, policy, public health response, medical countermeasures, health disparities, mental health aspects, and communication challenges as it relates to the disease as well as lessons learned from local and global perspectives.