Program Contact

Name: Mary Reich Cooper, MD, JD
Position: Program Director

Course & Programming Contact

Name: Ellen L. Guarnieri, RN, MHSA, CPHQ, FACHE
Position: Associate Program Director, External Programs

Admissions Contact

Name: April Smith
Position: Admissions and Recruitment Manager

Students register for classes via Banner Web. Once you log in with your campus key and password please select:

  • Student
  • Registration
  • Add or Drop Class
  • Select term and then Submit
  • Add the CRN you have been provided on the Add Classes Worksheet
  • Click Submit

Course Subjects:

AHE = Applied Health Economics & Outcomes Research DHS = Doctor of Health Science in Population Health (DHSc) HDS = Health Data Science
HPL = Health Policy HQS = Healthcare Quality & Safety OPX = Operational Excellence
PBH = Public Health PHS = Population Health Science (PhD) POP = Population Health 

Understanding Section Numbers:

Sections beginning with:

XX = Online Courses, 7 weeks (unless otherwise stated) 
Examples: 10A, 11A, 10B, 11B

A indicates A Terms like Fall A.
B indicates B Terms like Fall B. 

Typically courses for MS, MPH, Certificates, APC, & PhD Students.

XX = Public Health Courses, 12 weeks 
Examples: 30, 31L, 32V

letter indicates onsite (or hybrid, if noted as such)
indicates online & asynchronous
indicates virtual, synchronous

Typically courses for Public Health & PhD Students.
5X = PhD Courses, 15 weeks 
Examples: 50, 51, 52

Typically courses for PhD Students.

9XX = DHSc Courses, 7 weeks (unless otherwise stated)

Examples: 90, 90A, 90B

indicates A Terms like Fall A.
B indicates B Terms like Fall B. 

Typically courses for DHSc Students.

7XX = QIPS Courses, 15 weeks
Examples: 70A, 71A, 70B

A indicates A Terms like Fall A.
B indicates B Terms like Fall B. 

Typically courses for students in QIPS.

PA = PA Courses, 15 weeks 
Examples: PA1, PA2

Typically courses for PA students taking courses in JCPH as part of their requirements.

Tuition bills are available via Banner Web. Log in using your campus key and password. Then select:

  • Student Account
  • View Bill / Make a Payment Online payment services are provided by TouchNet via a payment gateway. Once you are redirected to their payment website you will be automatically logged in. You can then view your bill and make payments.

Please note: Tuition is due prior to the first class.

Please reach out to your employer’s benefits representative for assistance.

Jefferson employees:

Submit your Tuition Assistance Application via MyTuition.

For further direction sign in to MyJeffHub. Once you are logged into MyJeffHub, you will see “Quick Links” at the top of the page:

Select My Benefits. Then scroll down the page to “Tuition Assistance.” 

Once you are on the page below, follow the instructions provided to submit your Tuition Assistance Application.

If within the drop period, students can complete this online via Banner Web. Please review policy details via the JCPH Student Handbook. Please also refer to the Academic Calendar for important dates.

You can view your grade via Banner Web. Once you log in with your campus key and password select:

  • Student
  • Student Records
  • Final Grades

To request your official transcript, log in to the Clearinghouse Secure Site

Once on the site, specific instructions are provided on how to place your order, including delivery options and fees. You can order as many transcripts as you like in a single session.

Order updates will be emailed or text messaged to you. You can also check status or history online here: Transcript Order Status Tool.

NOTE: You will need your order number and the email you used to place your order. If you need help or have questions about the transcript ordering service, please contact the Clearinghouse at transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org, or by telephone at the (703) 742-4200.

Please contact the Center City Registrar’s Office at (215) 503-8734 if you have additional questions.

Unofficial transcripts can be obtained via Banner Web.

All required textbooks and materials will be supplied at no cost to you. They will be mailed to your home address, or an alternate address of your choice.

The ordering and cost of printing for Final Presentation posters are also provided for the students. Travel to a conference is not automatically covered, but some reimbursement support may be available upon request using the Student Travel Support Request located on our Handbooks and Forms section of the Student Resources page.